„Spigens“, the folk-group of the cultural center of the municipality of the Telsiai-district celebrated its fouth anniversary in November 2009. At present it is formed by 15 members from three generations. Fortunately several young people are part of our group. We all share a common interest in singing the old traditional songs of Zemaitija (Samogitia) and in dancing the dances our ancestors used to dance after work – sometimes from sunset till sunrise. Being active „propagandists“ of the zemaitian folklore of the 19th century this is very important to us.
Some of us have dedicated their leisure-time to practising the authentic and traditional songs, dances and music of Zemaitija for more than 20 years. And they still find joy in doing so every single day over again.

About the name of our group

We all are without exception „spigiai“. The word „spigis“ comes from the zemaitijan language and means „lively, agile“ – and that is what we are, indeed. This is one of the meanings of our group‘s name.

The other meaning is „Spiginas“ which is the name of an island in lake Birzulis in the Telsiai-district. On this island there is a cemetery dating back to the Stoneage – an important archeological site that can rarely be found anywhere in Europe. Our ancestors, who were buried at this cemetery, had lived there 8 – 9,000 years ago. It is assumed that already these ancient Zemaitians had called the island „Spigins “or „Spigens “

If in our concerts and performances we succeed in spreading a lively atmosphere and momentum by presenting our merry music then we feel carried by the audience and the public. That is what we are grateful for and that is why we love to perform in concerts and at come-togethers. Here people can see and learn about those authentic and traditional dances like „Klecka “, „Siauciuks “, „Gransvers “, „Ublade“ and numerous others. We also enjoy singing the so-called „testines“, old slow zemaitian songs with high level voice modulations.

We are also always happy when the audience takes an active part and joins in with us.

Our ensemble is an active part of the cultural life of the town of Telsiai. It is important to us to extend our repertoire of old songs, dances and music pieces constantly. And of course in our performances we wear the genuine traditional zemaitian costume of the end of the 19th century. But most important of all is the fact that the members of our group love and enjoy to come together, to dance, to sing and to make music together.

That is our visiting – card – cheerful, cordial and simple. Dear possible spectators and listeners that is what we can guarantee to you – our concerts and performances are likewise.

If you want to hear and see us, if you want to dance with us or if simply you want to spend some merry time with us, please feel free to call us +370 687 57523 or send us an e-mail spigins@gmail.com or go to our website www.spigens.lt to „Parasykite mums! (Write to us!)“ and fill in the appropriate boxes and your message will be sent to us.

Yours sincerely


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